Tyrants & poolsharks

Tyrants & poolsharks

Katrin Achinger
Matthias Arfmann
Rüdiger Schmidt (drums)
Wolfgang Wiggers (add. instruments)
Andy Giorbino (guitar)


Scars of dancing

One 4 Roses
Found a new man these days
as he is absent 7 days
I've got a lot of time to reflect
where he will take me
want to be prepared
when he returns.

It's so dark and warm,
so fucking serious
I'm in a terrorist mood
in this sweet little romance
ready to kill and run forever

and keep it in my little black box
as I found a place to hide my fears.
7 days to pass all that could be

and a lifetime shared.

7 days
one 4 illusions
one 4 freedom
one 4 disguises
one 4 safety
one 4 sadness
one 4 roses
and the last for
sweet bitter tasting harmony
and I'll be gone
when he returns.

To my Man
I never betrayed you
in any way
I just gave you - skin and pain-
­what else is there to give for me
I just could give you back
the most beautiful words
said about love ever
and say I wish
IŽd written them for you.
Me who always wanted
to live for words and love
but maybe poetry
is not on my side anymore.

so I just can give you
my naked will to love
and not say any words
to dress my emotions into dreams
free of illusions I give you now
my existence
in confrontation to yours
I never dared to promise more.

What more could you want than me?
My non-existence?
So come to kill me
you'll be wellcome
I won't cry, nor defend myself
but in case you leave
your gun at home
bring your guitar along
for another day of work of art
of you and me together.

Jude's Complain
It's so cold inside
when you have discovered your desire
even if it's caught
you fall deeper than you were before.
It's no good for a woman
to deliver herself not even for a second
she's so prepared to stay naked
so that men will always escape.
Even in the deepest tenderness
she has to remember
to exist means confrontation.
In fact she doesn't want to be
a beggar anymore
runs into the open knife
and lets her whip beat the rythm of war,
but even when she's wounded
she still can't hate
as he is so beautiful in seconds
and everything possible for seconds
exists eternally at dawn.
She knows she mustn't forget
seconds are all she might get in this game
where she can't win nor loose
cause what would she win if he looses?
She knows she has to stand it
alone in her bed of wine and roses.