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Katrin Achinger
has been writing songs for 40 years, which she performed with several bands.
She founded Kastrierte Philosophen together with Matthias Arfmann.
Between 1980 – 1996 they recorded 11 albums.
Her first Soloalbum `Icaré ´was released in 1993 recorded with the first Flight Crew.
A second Flight Crew accompanied her on `Jump without a warning´ and the current Flight Crew are

Krischa Weber
is a Celloplayer with her focus on Improvisation. From time to time you can hear the Singing Saw.
For many years she has been working with the aspects of Improvisation and developing musical concepts for different purposes films, theatre and performance. Giving concerts took her to many places in Germany, USA, India and Kongo.
Ensembles: Das Erste Improvisierende Streichorchester, Duo WeberWendt and others.
In 2001 she received a scholarship by Kulturbehörde Hamburg with the Duo Maire Claire
In 2011 she was invited to join the OMI International Musicians Resicdency Hudson/NY.

Dieter Gostischa
Drums - Percussion -Tabla - Mallet Instruments - Steeldrum - Composing Performance - KlangSinn Installationen
Born in 1962 he studied Music at the Universities of Osnabrück and Hamburg, took teachings by Gyjörgy Ligeti.
He was a Master Student at Trilok Gurtu.
Received the Award for Solo Musicians (Solistenpreis) in NRW in 1983 and in 1986 at Jazzpodium/ Lower Saxony.
1988 he was the musical director of the Klecks Theater Hambug and taught Percussion at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg.
Giora Feidman - Jan Delay - Patrik Nuo - Antony Braxton - Howard Johnson - John Tchicai - Peter Niklas Wilson - Marco Zappa - Peter Apel - Swayzak - Massimo Carrano - Robert Metcalf - Dietmar Mues - Claude Chalhoub - Kako Weiss - Christian von Richthofen - Katrin Achinger & the Flight Crew – radioTriewerkTrio

Christoph Meier
Double Bass, Accoustic Bass, E-Bass

Listen to their first release
Promise of Love – Single on Spotify 08.07.22
Recorded at Tonhotel Hamburg by Gerd Mauff in fall 21, mixed by Gerd Mauff and Katrin Achinger. Mastered by Matthias Arfmann
Cover – Dieter Gostischa, edit Johanna Achinger
Label About Us/Berlin

Promise of Love
Ever since the first human being fell on earth our physical bodies have been in danger. We have always been deeply in need for food and protection.
Few are able to survive on their own, so we are dependent on being a part of a community that provides both.
Fear of death, deseases, being abandoned has made us attracted by any promise of redemption, may it be a leader, a religion, a political utopia or the one and only with whom everything will be eternally alright.
`I feel the need to belong to systems´, I hear a young man say, sounds like an excuse instead of a bloody, inherent truth for every sentient being. There is no way out.
We do belong to systems and we have to to survive.
Thus the Promise of Love threatens us more then any other vow of redemption.

Promise of Love
Is the first Single of the 3rd Flight Crew accompanying Katrin Achinger
All songs written and composed by Katrin Achinger
Arranged by the Flight Crew – Krischa Weber, Christoph Meier, Dieter Gostischa
Recorded at Tonhotel/Hamburg by Gerd Mauff, 2021
Mixed by Gerd Mauff, Katrin Achinger and Dieter Gostischa
Mastered by Matthias Arfmann

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Katrin Achinger & The Flight Crew
Zeichnung: Johanna Achinger