Indie Rock & Saw

Katrin Achinger (songwriting, vocals, guitar, bass) was a founding member of the Kastrierte Philosophen which recorded 11 albums between 1980 and 1996.

Soloalbums: Icaré (1993), Jump (without a warning 1999).

She has been writing songs since the early 80s and performed them in numerous ways with many different musicians. Like Kastrierte Philosophen, who combined punk, psychedelic, indie rock, hiphop and reggae, her music is a startling combination of quite different genres: experimental music, electronic, free jazz, classical music, metal as well as indie rock.
Nevertheless, the bottom line of her music is `simple songs´.

This time arranged with drums, e-bass, double bass and semi-acoustic bass, cello and singing saw.
Since her solo album ’Icaré’ all of her bands have been called The Flight Crew. The current Flight Crew are:

Krischa Weber (cello)
Christoph Meier (bass and double bass)
Dieter Gostischa (drums and percussion)

Sometimes there’s a touch of jazz or chanson about it but by the end of the evening everyone agrees:

It’s R0CK!

Playlist von Katrin Achinger and The Flight Crew

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Katrin Achinger & The Flight Crew
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