Katrin Achinger
Matthias Arfmann
Rüdiger Klose (drums)
Andy Giorbino (guitar)


Toilet queen

We survive

tiptoeing on our bare nerve ends
experiences cease to small talk
decisions vary and agree not to change any
faschists and junk shade the horizons
of our wonderful capitalist paradise
so well organized
we're all busy working for someone else's
to afford our Style
turn events into chatter

the word's on my mind
but it's still not spoken
the thought's on my tongue
but it's still not thought
a change has got to come!

I better won´t talk for a while
avoid any statements to state that this state is
my heart beats so loud and nervously
I got to run fast not to feel it aching
and keep my soul from trembling
better sing it into sleep
to survive this lullaby of minds
even though my teeth are shaking

the word's ...
love's for sale like lives are anyway
women feel bad but men not better
I'm not free
but you are even less than unfree
there isn't any step we have made not to come
any closer
we all survive with our sexes aching
and cover it all with anxious chatter
you got to talk fast before the place is closing

the word's ...
we survive
with our nerves dumb and our brains
but still a little booze will help
you don't have to be a hero to know you're a

you have to be newer than the latest repitition
you got to run fast to be talked about
and we all gonna loose in the end

the words ...

Peeping All
This is the story
about them peeping all.
It's amazing
not ridiculous.
It's about the intrigues of fear.

Al plays the lead
in all his surrealistic stories.
He ain't no liar,
but he needs something
to forget his own fears.
He blares
I won't forgive you this
I won't forget.
But he did.

Peeping all,
you know the pain
to be older in years
than in mind.

Now it's time for a tiny gulp
of my soviet reviver
or a pinch of poolshark dynamite.
He is an idealist
a believer
or a vampire
who lives on the fate
of his neighbours
or a voltage transformer
between Isolation and Death.
I can't believe it
he cracks up
but his nerves are out of steel.

Toilet Queen
Even when I know
that all the things
that count for me
will never count for her
and even when I try to think
she's superficial, ignorant and cruel
she'll still be my Queen
when she's walking in.

I know of scars and tears I cried
the nights I prayed or wasted,
but I'm so afraid I'll never know
what makes her cry.
Will I still be ignorant
when she falls?
will I still be innocent
when she falls?

She'll be wearing diamonds and silk
even when she'd undress
and I'll still feel dirty and old
even in her silver shoes,
but her dance will stay for purpose
and mine will stand for dance.

No age will save her from her terrified eyes
and my bitter ones watching her cry
she'll always be light to me
and I'll always remain darkness to her.
I hope I'll never see her again
and I hope she'll never cause me any trouble again.

No perfume ever turns into incense
sweat and alcohol and piss
and no soap could wash away
the traces of childhood's pain
but still I love her immaculate face
even more as I know it won't remain immaculate.

Shivering I watch her acting blindly
in a world of mirrors
every move she makes
just reflects her distorted image
meanwhile she's getting ugly and fat
fucked on every toilet floor in town.

Not even a femme fatale
men use her, she can't use them
she stages her fantastic love affairs
just to stay at the center of the world
crying with the fools
and dancing with the freaks.

I'm alright
Tell them I'm dead
or tell them I'm just gone
as I couldn't stand to be still
harassed by childhood's pains.
I had to leave to save some time
to finally cut the navel-string.
I have to be free of suspicion
and jealousy,
fear of the dark and loosing.

Tell them I'm gone or maybe even dead
I had to go because maybe I was loosing.
I'd love to write you I'm allright
please believe me,
though my hands are trembling.

Tell her she can take my place
if she can, she can
take my place,
but tell her not to try to be me
as then for sure
I'll be winning.

And tell my friends I'm out on sea
to meet my death
to be free.

Little sh .. lives
In this place you can't avoid to run into people
who make you sick with their stories and silly
questions - what do you do? - and - how are you?
­- are you satisfied? - as if it would matter.
- You´re doing fine as you´re leaving this town,
I should have done that
years ago-
- so why don´t you finally go ... -

You´ve found your one and only woman, but she
doesn't care, so you hang around and whimper,
blow your stinky breath in my ear and try to tell
me that love is violent - oh, shut up! -
I'm sick of talking, I'm tired of listening,
don't like your questions, don´t like my answers,
don't make such a big fuzz out of your little shit life!

Dragonflies over Cyrenaika
The Tyrant of Insomnia gave order
that no-one should ever sleep again.
He wanted the people
to worship him 24 hours a day.
Those who didn´t obey they went to sleep
but soon they made him do the same ...

Oh, we left the sun.

But they found sleep had left their planet
for ever more.
Any remedy they tried failed
nor work, nor drugs, nor time.
First they thought themselves
in a golden age,
exploding activities,
but sleep had left nightmares behind,
unveiled they conquered the planet ...

Oh, we left the sun.
It was too cold for us.

7´o clock in the moming
sun came up rising
Mother woke up
her Baby was crying
Daddy woke up, too
and said
- where is my coffee? -
there was this strange sound in the air
coming closer
no-one knew what it was
black spots against the sky
coming nearer
they realized
it was
it was ...

When he goes
out in the streets
he looks like Cinderella
down at his feet.

He has lips oh so red
He knows kicks oh so bad
Give me five minutes to talk
I like the way you walk.

When you go
out in the streets
you know the trips called sad
you have lips oh, so red
you have seen tricks oh so bad
and people oh so mad.
Give me five minutes to talk
I like the way you walk.

She's allergic I give her one hit
sometimes two.
She makes me nervous
she makes me blind
Never saw a spangled girl,
such a spangled girl
like her.

She says
shut up,
get out of my mind!

The Bad Cave maniacs
rave of movies by Vincent Price.
Does she recognize at all
with her pale smack eyes?

She says
shut up,
get out of my mind!
Baby, Baby, can't you see
there is no chance for you and me?
Can't you see
all those red spots from my nose
down to my knees? -

Oh, maybe she´s allergic to me.
I guess my Baby is allergic to me.

She says
stop your stupid approximations
to my holy things!
Don´t beg around for appreciation
and please

Oh, maybe she is allergic.
I guess my Baby is allergic to me.

Maniac Mandrax Fighter
I know a M.M.Fighter
he is a student of arts
he distributes handbills
of letters so smart
he says
- I saw Skins who blared so loud
the good old words of

learn, Baby, learn
turn, Baby, turn
burn, Baby, burn
mistaking speedballs for cherry bombs

you are just a student of arts
you distribute handbills
of letters so smart
and you are just mistaking speedballs
for cherrybombs.

I need some Sleep
Insomnia covers me at night
singing a wasted lullaby
put some silence in my head
so that my heart can rest
and arms and legs and body, too.

I need some sleep, Mama.
Stop me, I'm a satellite.
None of this single planets can
I meet on their single route
passing hell
closing doors
which they can never open again
don't they know
that things have consequences?

They try to shoot me up, Mama
and I'm so afraid they might succeed

They still kill the blacks down-south
they kill for drugs
in the neighbourhood
the animal in man will never die
so where is the progress?
Is it dogfood?
is it fear, Mama?
Is it fear??

Oh, we get so bored
of ourselves' sometimes.

Keep your Heart for Icecream Days
- this world is so bad and we are so sad -
Weekend smack-time, caress your veins, crack your brains.
We went down to spend the night in the stomach of a ship. Doors and windows were locked, smooth motion of the waves,
darkness of non-existence as it used to be your desire - a place to cultivate your depressions.
Krishna hovers a brush at hand declaring - it took Leonardo nine years to paint Mona Lisa and it will take me nine days to paint you dying. -
Hang yourself in the corner dead. How is the air up there?
- it's a world so bad and we are all so mad. -
But maybe tonight the ropes will break and tomorrow we will be lost in the ice sea. Then we will cut you from hanging and put you in the big fridge.
Sell your meat for vegetarian food and your soul for apple-pie. Keep your heart for ice-cream days and use your blood to clean the deck.
So you will be finally dissolved
- absolute -
as it used to be your desire.
But in case we find you are still alive, you better beware as we treat the living even worse than the dying. We will make you captain of this track of weird souls and you will have to guide us. Krishna will paint your face dark-red to frighten all our enemies.
And all we suffer from this big cold as we haven't suffered from the big heat yet. We don't know yet that it will be worse. Still we find ourselves quite freaky, young, white, middle classed and innocent.
Once we passed the ice sea we will reach the realms of the black death and the air will be filled with unbearable stench and corpses loom out of the water.
We stand in terrified silence and we mutter. Maybe you will feel my hand in yours and your bony fingers will chain me to your death, when at night from
the black waters the souls will raise their sad eyes and dance around our ship singing nasty sweet ballads of love that died.
Then they will laugh about us, as we are still able to be frightened. We know so little, that we think of ourselves as smart.
There's nothing more arrogant in the world than a young white middle class kid, who has no right to complain about all it desired and never became.
- it's a world so bad and we are so sad and there is nothing left for us to do.-
Did you know that we were so close to living?

Baby, you think you won´t take this. You would rather escape now, but the fools made you captain so you have to stay when the ship will be sinking, as we don´t know how to fix the leaks the ice-sea has broken into the corpse of our ship. Just before the rats will be leaving we will reach japanese shores. Where the King´s daughter is in love with me. All her life she has been waiting for a ship to come. She is as soft as a butterfly´swing and I will go off with her to the forest and we will make love like leafs falling in autumn, while the blood-red japanese sun paints the shades of the trees on our pale bodies ...
Then suddenly you will awake from deathlike ignorance and kill the girl in a jealous fever, not knowing whether it is because I love her or she hasn´t been waiting for you. But anyway the King will become mad and kill us dead, though for the first time you will have known your heart, while the trees died unnoticed.
See you on monday in case you choose to return.

Mr. Death
Can You give me some advice
if all the things
we love so much are real.
Can You assure me
they won't fade away like dreams
when I.turn to look
and if they would
will You convince me
they are not as worthless
as it seems?

Can You promise
You will get me before my visions die
and if You don't I'll be at least satisfied
to have them all tried?
Can You give me shelter
when all friends will be passed by time
and.all the wine is drunken
or I won't appreciate it anymore?

Will You hold my hand
when I'm still afraid at night
alone in the darkness
after the very last lover hung up the phone?
Will You soothe me gently whispering
tell me that I'm not really alone?
Will You then please
silence my rebel conscience
which reminds me
I never dared to be free?

Can You provide protection
or at least make me believe there is
... no ? ..
Mr. Death,
why are You so pale and indifferent?
... Mr. Death, why are You so pale?