Love factory

Love factory

Katrin Achinger
Matthias Arfmann
Rüdiger Schmidt (drums)
Wolfgang Wiggers
(add. instruments)


Love factory

Gun Beat Babies
I see you
and I´m just a little bit amazed
comparing you to me at your age.
How can you be that cool
and how can you be that smart?
Do you think your sweet face and fat ass
is everything you need?
What have we been fighting for then,
why did we suffer so much,
if everything is so easy?

You search me in conspiracy
and you seem to win.
You are his Nipponlove
fragile like porcelain
smiling like money does.
He hits your ass and pushes you down
and you just bow to let him see your tits.
You are just sweet sweet innocent cruel minded dirt,
just everything we never wanted to be again.

Oh, Gun Beat Babies, oh, come on hit me!
When I take you home tonight
everything will be allright
when I fuck you

Scars of Dancing
Eyes of Ice
set me free

Cocaine absorbs everything
never had a man like you
oh, Babe come on hit me.

You say it's tender
making love you kill.
I still wear the Scars of
Dancing the other day
when you pushed me to the ground
I lie there still
I can't get up
I love you truly
the way you charge it.

5th of May 84
People in the bar downstairs are talking
and I hear the soft sounds of the sea
One day I could get that lonely
that I´d search my bed down there

Made a friend in a quiet moment
don't know if I'll try to keep him.
There's no future here
only the presence and the past
we try to forget

Ma and I we stick together
and sometimes we start a fight.
She just wants everything or nothing
I'm much easier to satisfy

Emptied out the wine on sunday morning
tried to leave town to escape
the dry cruel boredom of the sunny days
and the delirious circles of the night.

Don't know when I'm leaving
Don't know if i leave at all
Don't know what I'm waiting for
I just can't stand the silent passing of my time.

Walking through the streets
as if the air were water.
The sky's up there
and I see it through the
rippled surface of the sea.

Trip Down
(to violent circles of time and resignation)

You don't answer the phone
probably you are lost on dead end street again.
But it's o.k. for you
to leave me to get drunk
and it's o.k. for me
that you don't care.

What's going on?
A 1000 steps are coming up
I don't know
if it's you lover or death I expect.

But it's o.k. for me
that you leave me
and it's o.k. for you
that I´m lost on dead end street again.
If you wanna know what love is
then look at my hurtings and ask
why I still haven't left.

Call yourself a liar
Call yourself a liar
your speed life isn't true.
What you want us to admire
is just an illusion of you.

Put your guitar in this mob.
You are a bad violent movie
stumble like a blind one.

Let's give a toast on your lies
I don't know,
if it's shit
on your smart lips.

Faceless Fuckparade
That's not what you wanted
you see it now, querida?
You should have listened
to the preachers words much better.
­ Great Golden Copulations ­
­that's what they charge
so don't get hasty
and keep yourself out
the Faceless Fuck Parade

Pale Mirror
too late to regret
what didn't happen
just a lost opportunity
still expect to hear from you
a call just something
was it loyalty
or was it fear
to deny to jump on the train
now I realize
that the laughter was tears
I thought to rule the game
now I know it was me who lost
I could have known better anyway.

Lens reflects Fear
Hysteria is sneaking slowly
into this vacuum called life
this whirl of
seemingly important activities
rags of faces on the
pavement melt unrecognized.

Time is rare
I want to swim
cause I can't fly.

Courtesy is a deathlike game
and the telephone
is her murder instrument
one more game, one more game ­cry the loosers
their games aren't worth the candles.

Time is ...

Decadent Cafe
Blood stainted sand
black heavy corpse
the audience cries for more
through the
nightsleeping mountain lions
Jeff explains his disgust
we young ones are just laughing
laughing bored.

Don't bother me with your weakness
we have no guilt
not even shame

Decadent Cafe
Silk skinned dark eyed arab girl
dances all night long
watch her attracted by adventure
of endless neonnights
without past into the future
on burning feet.

Don't bother me ...

Struggling against nausea
half an hour on the toilet
clog it with my cigarettes
just decided not to smoke anymore.

Don't bother me ...