Katrin Achinger
Matthias Arfmann
Rüdiger Schmidt (drums)
Wolfgang Wiggers (add. instruments)
Lee Self (guitar)


40th generation
Callando los siglos

What a waste of time

I spend my time
by hating my Self.
It's so strange the face
I have to live with every day.
It's so far away that body
that seems to be mine.
It's so amazing
that some could fall in love with it.

I'm always in a strange place
I'm always in the wrong place

I waste my time
regretting missed opportunities
to love
and waiting
for this unknown person
to knock on my window
that's supposed to be me
who has been away
living a life
I'm too busy
It's since a few days that I wonder
why I'm freezing in your presence
you gave me too much in moments
and terrified you escaped
like a hurted animal
your white castle was shaken
by a wanderer in times
and now you load your guns again
and chase me as I walk on.

I´m too cold to relight
the fire that warmed me.
I'm too hot I freeze among your walls.
I'm too old to make you young.
Too simple to stand your cynism
and I'm too tired to be patient for you
I'm too busy to stay.

Hope your walls didn't break
as I walk on now
and leave you naked as I were.

Drums Of Rebellion
Somewhere out there is dancing
the incense of rotten flowers and piss
gives the message to my brain.

Somewhere out there is another life
and I leave
following the waves
of my hallucinations.
I'm a leopard
shining skin
got no chains
I'm running free.

Somewhere I hear the drums
of rebellion
and they beat me still
as I fall asleep
in your tender arms again.

Break the limits of reality
acceleration disturbs the rythm
of quiet boring days
penetrate the interior of the world
turning us round through night and day
. Tried to kill myself last night
taking all the drugs that I could get.

Those outside the game
are real the rest is dead.

Never been outside without freezing
once there you can't come back
life is rare, but if it meets you
you loose the fear of dying.
Take care of the friends you make
they are all you have to loose,
the little King will stay awake
until we arrive on the bottom of the sea.
Those outside ...

Our way may never be clear
but that's our way
all that bothers me now is
that r m still ashamed of it,
but of course it will be clear
after we've gone it
it's value will have been the searching
this is for you my precious friend.
Those outside ...

40th Generation
All her life she kept a dream
to live in a house down by the sea
I made the dream come true for me
and didn"t even notice.
I lived so carelessly
as I can't live other people's dreams.

All her life she worked so hard
and never she complained
She doesn"t want me to work like her
and be, chained to some man's bed
but I'll stay with mine
as I have to learn myself.

All her life she wore her head so high
and relied her visions on books
me is all her pride
I live her life.
What else could I be then
When sacrifice always needs a victim
I'll have to kill her some day.

Callando los siglos
La canción de la soledad nos fascinaba
no comíamos, ni dormíamos
cada día andabamos
sin destino, sola búsqueda
desde allí, hasta alla.

Demasiado palabrería
nos habia ensordecido
los oídos
callabamos los siglos
pasados y futuros.

Nos encontramos en la calle
para tomar vino
y nuestros pensamientos
cayeron pesadamente
en el fondo de nuestras almas.
La pasión iba a subir ligeramente
recorriendo la sangre.

Y así nos quedamos
sentados en las mesas
apoyando las cabezas en las manos,
bebiendo hasta que la fatiga
nos hiciera salir
que manana
nos volveremos a ver
después de haber descubierto
los secretos
de la lejana Arabia.

Perfect Lover
She was looking for a perfect lover
who would give her everything
she couldn't give herself
and she sent them all away
who smelled bad from sweat and fear
they failed perfectness
- Life goes on - she said to those
who complained.

The one she chose refused to take part
in the golden scenario
she created,
she fell on her knees and cried for love
that day
- Life goes on - and that's the worst sometimes.

People turned away disgusted
by her strip
left her down there
who had been so proud,
they couldn't understand
that desire is like a disease
that doesn't let you sleep
- Life goes on - and that's it,