Eskimo summer

Eskimo summer

Katrin Achinger
Matthias Arfmann
Rüdiger Klose (drums)
Sabine Worthmann (bass)
Lucia Wojdak (cello)
Wolfgang Wiggers (add. instr.)

Liquid Sky

We spread Anger.
We spit floods of bloody Anger
upon each other.
We set the country
on fire with Anger.
All the lack of Selfrespect we contribute.
All the lack of Respect we pay to each other.
Too much hazzle
much too dazzled

You say that
and I don´t say that.
I'm a coward
and you are a fool.

Oh, we waste so much time in misunderstanding,
much too much time in misunderstanding ...

Why don´t we try?
We should just try
to stop that

So deep inside
I feel
that all I cried for
STOP IT! OmShanti!

They are so sweet
oh, it´s strange
Just like heroin
it bursts my veins
too see them dancing
in their green
crocodile shoes.
Oh, Babe
feel the Gun Beat
shooting holes in my brain.

I used to stare at them
in magazines.
Gun Beat Babies
come on yeah
let's have a Baby tonight.
The perverted side of the sun
are Gun Beat Babies
on the run.

Without Love
I am the keeper of the red house
tumbling, stumbling and blessed.
You built a house of snow
white cold clean
safe from love
and safe from death.

I know that I'm
faceless without love.
I know that I'm
paralized without love.
I know that I'm
ridiculous without love.

It's embarassing
but I´m much straighter
without love.

Do I know you?
There's always someone on the other end of the bar
smiling at you and laughing at you from far.
When you'll get close you'll see
he's not the man you want him to be
then he gets up and pays
and everything just fades
But I love those flickers of a love-affair.

There's always someone on the other end of the bar
observing you and watching you from far.
When you'll be drunbk
he will see you're not the way
you want to be.
Then he comes close to say
why do you live this way?
I don't need these interferences in my affairs.

There's always someone on the other end of the bar
staring at you taking you from far.
Then he comes close just to see
if he can go home with me
and I get close to say
cream your pants
I don't want to fuck I need a love-affair
and you´re not the man for a love-affair.

There's always someone on the other end of the bar
ignoring you but attracting you from far.
When you get close
you will see
it is death whose waiting for you
and he's so pale
you say - do I know you?
Will you take me home tonight?
Will you make an end to the night?
But please don't mistake him
he just might be your cabman
so you better count your money and go home.

Coming out of nowhere
I'm coming out of nowhere
out of a forgotten past
of dreams maybe you never had
and bring along the idea
of another life of love
that´s why I´m a stranger
to your world.

I´m coming out of darkness
as I knew laughter before I knew fear.
I was born in a stormy night at half past three
so this is my hour
I know that there is something to hope for
besides darkness and fear in the night
probably that´s why desire keeps me awake
in the hour of silence and dreams
dawn of another reality

the reality of restless people
that´s what we share, friends.
We could start it politically
we could start it psychologically
we could start it spiritually
but in fact we are just longing
for emotions and ideas
being real in our reality.

Poor Bitch
She never gets into trouble
will she ever get out?
She doesn't feel trouble,
she only makes it.
She takes her whip and ordains
and she'll always get her will.
She'll make you confess and strip
but still you will love her.
Who'll ever touch her?
Who will present the bill?
What should she pay for anyway?
She's the one that causes trouble.
She's the one that never gets out,
so please take care of her.

It's War.
Everybody is a target.
I am a target, too.
Who is gonna give me shelter?
Where can I find shelter?
Bring me to that final elevator
to take me 1000 miles down
to find another civilization
in silence
down there

Some things coming
Some things going.
Just the vermin will overcome.

Take me
1000 Miles down

Where can I find
... ?

La belleza de mi amor
en la manana
en la que se murió
nunca olvidaré.
Vivia en un palacio de cristales
nunca pisó al mundo exterior
sudor mojaba su frente
exigiendo el veneno salvador.

Heroína de nadie
en el sueno interminable
del lujo dorado
en el sueno interminable
de la destrucción total
niegando cualquier acción vital.

Vestida de sábanas
para el rito de la sangre inmortal
dos joyas azules
sus ojos
en la manana
en la que se murió.

Tú eres una bestia que me dejaste así
Te escapaste por el camino mas cómodo.
Nosotros los vivos tenemos
que vivir con los muertos.
Tú nunca querías vivir, trabajar, sufrir
nada amar, querer, libertad, nada
tú solamente querías morir.
Por qué me dejaste así, por qué?
Yo quería amarto tanto, quería darte tanto.
Pero nunca más.
tú eres un cristal frío
pero caliente en la mano.
tus ojos son espejos
espejos del que sé yo
del cielo, pero nunca de tu alma
tu alma nunca estuvo aquí abajo.

Cafe Enlightenment
I was sitting in a cafe in a corner the other day well hidden thinking about a stupid little thing, which I thought I could have left behind years ago I mean I'm almost thirty now, but still ...
It is this, you know, we all are evidently a-functioning in the outsideworld but we all got our little helpers.
So I was sitting there and wondered just about desires cause desires, desires more desires, desires and wishes and wishes and wishes and what- ever. I thought - o.k., just imagine, you could have it all, all the things you ask for, like clothes -. I sat there saying - Lord, give me clothes in all the colours of the rainbow silk and cotton and wool - and whoop it came down and I sat there covered with clothes up to my head I almost choked and then I said - Lord, I want jewelry all these things, silver and gold, rings, earrings, bracelets all the stuff that glitters. I´ m so crazy about everything that
glitters - and down it came patatatata ... and then I said,
- Lord, I want cigarettes, I want a whole bunch of cigarettes cause I'm chainsmoking all the time - and all the cigarettes came falling dedeled ... and covered me and I was chainsmoking and I felt like I had to throw up but I kept on smoking and the smoke filled my brain and my stomach and then I asked - Lord, please give me drinks I want drinks a lot of drinks tough drinks. I'm a tough girl, I need tough drinks - and then I said - Lord, let it snow - and it snowed - you know this tiny little thing that is so close to enlightenment, when everybody says you look like you've taken vitamins, or even a whole injection of vitamins and you are so close to yourself you don't need nobody and you are awake and intelligent and impressing - and
then I asked - Lord, what does ,all this shit stand"for? - ,
I kept on running and after a while all these things just faded away,
I didn't want any clothes anymore any jewelry cigarettes well/drinks o.k. ,
but the cocaine remained. And I asked myself, what makes' it s, so close to enlightenment or whatever I understand about de-lightenment and I sat there wondering and it kept on snowing I was already covered with white and the whole world out there was covered with white white white and I felt so cool I didn´t need anybody and I was, the Queen I could sing and I could write I was intelligent l was beautiful all this fucking stupid things we believe we need just to get one thing,
oh, I forgot sex I was sexy,of course a: real hot one, hot chick. ..
all these things we believe we need to obtain just one singular thing and that's
l o v e.

El olor del yazmín y los colores
flotan por la carce1.
El asesino no se deja joder.
Su cuchillo está abierto.

El coche grande negro está vacío todavia.
Me acostaré dentro
cuando se pone el sol.
Las manos blandas que me tocaron
me prepararon

para los pasos persigientes de la muerte.
Asesino, te espero.