Wise & Foolish

You are airports to me,
mobiles and heavy landings,
caribbean sunsets and an indian summer.
Yet you don´t move me around.

You got to go, you got to go
and where you gonna hide?
You run from your life
and lies and your ties.
You want me, don´t want me,
say you love me.
Need me, don´t need me,
say you don´t love me.
Am I in love with you?
Sure I ain´t, don´t want to.
Sure I act, as if I was.
But if,
I´d never let you know.

Wise & foolish
we talk of love.
It´s just something
we are dreaming of.

Fortunes lie in your hear unbroken.
Desert scapes left by wandering oceans.
Yet you don´t know, it was you who chose
words to be said.
Missing links/ lines/ lies/ ties/ ropes/
words to be said.


Sad and lonely comes a dream and goes
where love hits reality.

On harbour walks and frozen parties
you bring the world to me.
Tell you my story but nothing remains
give you a blanket, but not my bed.