White Ass Deer

You whip me in your sleep,
you do, you fool.
- Devil is a woman - you say
Comfortably established
in your unworthiness of love.

I am just a white ass deer to you
awakening passions you try to ignore.
Whip me I´m just a phantom,
I remain unharmed.

When you are alone in your bed
a snake raises her head,
creeps up your veins
and makes your blood run fast
and your heart aches in the morning

The portuguese call this desesase
`saudade´ says the cosmopolitan.
Then you go to the movies
and cry a little in a sentimental mood.
Drown it in red wine
and move over to the political part.

The bunch of hopes that glorified me
will slip away like a falling star.
Still I regret we never shared
our human burning desire for love.
Now I´m just a friend
Let´s talk about our art.