Back up conciousness
by mind control.
Fear lost it´s impact.
The threat is gone.
I owe you nothing,
but my pride.

Love needs steppin´stones.

Present tense, past
and future
come together in a moment
stroking your face.
Truth sits in the kitchen
and waits.

Love needs steppin´stones

Truth is an angel
that waits behind doors.
Courage and cowardice
standing close.
Bring the news
which one will I choose?

The old men say:
find a fireplace,
sit still and pray.
For no-one can go
through the door
with lust in her arms.

Love needs steppin´ stones

The river flows one way
until it rains again.
Only peace in mind
can cure my old ills.
My skin, the din,
oh, here I am.