git on board

I´m a car without fuel
my gears start to rust
over me in dignity
falls a star
cascades of light
light landing all around me
go to another truth
to be found in me and you
beyond fragility and fear
beyond the land of evil
no rescue no security
what do I need a gun for?

I come from a distant planet
I go back there soon
I know my ship´s a comin´
will you come back, too?
git on board
git on board
git on board

We are all on the same planet,
are we?
We are all on our way home,
are we?
in heart lives an animal
that counts on time
it needs and provides shelter
it holds life in it´s hands
and cautiously,
continously and
it beats me back to death

It´s a song, a song, a song
that goes on and on and on
to what we are seeking
romance´s cheat
roses fall apart
blossom, petals
string guitars
I know my ship´s acomin
I go back there soon
To my distant planet
Will you come back, too?
Git on board
git on board
git on board