Katrin Achinger, former voice of the Kastrierte Philosophen,is back.
Simple Song is her 3rd soloalbum.
After Icaré the mythical story set into music with the belonging book and Jump( without a warning ) a pure popalbum, she now seeks new and different ways of musical expression.
The band is plainly orchestrated, consisting of:
Rüdiger Klose, with whom she cooperated intensely for over 20 years now; he had a strong influence on Icare and even more so on the Kastrierte Philosophen; on drums.
Andreas Brüning already played the bass on Jump ( without a warning ) and Holger Kirleis the man on the piano.
Grand Piano, Bass and drums have to be enough to play a Simple Song, and the voice, which easily touches 4 octaves, does the rest.
Simple Song, that is: folkmusic from a non-existent country, music that doesn't care for any genre, music that is too much jazz for some and no jazz at all for jazzconnoisseurs.
15 Simple Songs that do reflect life from a different point of view than popmusic usually does. Songs that report about the constant search for a position in permanent change and static constellations; about the search for freedom and what freedom means if the person seeking it is a woman, who has been making music for over 20 years now and has two children. What does freedom mean in a world where nearly everything is allowed and nothing really seems to matter and is even less reliable? What do I want and how far will I go for it? Songs about the search for love, which has been expressed sufficiently in pictures and words, there isn´t really anything she can add to this matter.,except from that it bothers her,too. Claim your right is the key song of this album `Do we claim our right for freedom´, even where it claims us? And how far did we go im `Staub der Jahre´ ( in the dust of time ) with our big plans ? What does last of it for our children, once they claim our credibility? Are we ourselves or do we get lost in the big rush? `Do you claim your right for silence´? Musik kommt aus der Stille ( music comes from silence) says Holger Czukay/ Can
This music remains in silence and eventually returns there. `Diese Platte nervt´ ( this album is a pain in the ass ) Diederich Diedrichsen wrote about Insomnia by Kastrierte Philosophen. Well Simple Song deserves this description, too. Even though it comes to you insolently beautiful, it won´t leave you alone anymore.

All songs written and composed by K.Achinger
Except from Shanti/David Achinger & K.Achinger
from Fragile/ Sting
All songs recorded by Martin Wilkes and Willi Dammeier
Mixed and produced by K.Achinger and Martin Wilkes
Except from Shanti mixed by Matthias Arfmann