Like a radiosong played out of tune
memories come back
of play it cool.
Play on!

The dramas of pain and loss
we wove around sex
weren´t wild but wicked
they justified the men drinkin
a drunken man was a lonely romantic
a drunken woman like me was only disgusting.

My son who can read my thoughts he says
there are no men coming around here to say hello
and he´s truly able to come me down

No safety at all when a child cries
his fragility makes me put my hands down
in heart we´re all naked that´s new
home is no place
where to play it cool.

I allowed myself to take off from there
my socalled wild years declared as over
I can´t run away no more
this time I´m really in danger.

I can not really regret to have played cool for so long
handsome foolishness so close to selfdestruction
nightflight on cocaine
which fulfilled the hearts desire for control

The dramas we wove around sex about pain and loss
weren´t wicked but wild
I needed a child to prove it was true
my problem was not not to be loved
but to say I love you.
Out in the city jungle
play it cool, play on
like a radiosong, called radiosong...




The rainbow serpent lies
curled up in my ass
and when she awakes
she reaches down between my legs
for earth contact and beyond
for caves filled with gold and information.
What are we here for?

And when she awakes
she crawles up my belly
through my heart
and comes out as a song
through my mouth
and reaches up
through my brain
for the stars

Talkin´Mother Nature
don´t you know she´s human
she can only speak through you.

The wind that rocks the leafs
of the apple trees
in my garden talks to me
these silent whispers
keep warm and careless
nothing left to do but sing.

Call in Mother Nature
to tell you what she breeds
to teach you what she misses.

What the planet needs to overcome
the actual state of destruction
if possible at all
it´s up to us now
if we stay or go.
She will certainly find a way
to get rid of us if we damage her more
thus don´t fear her fear yourself.
Don´t say I´m not to blame,
don´t relax in shame
just go ahead and offer your work
and she´ll let you know where to invest it
whereever you are
and whatever you do
be yourself!

Call in Mother Nature
she can only come to you
when you are open for a change.



In my life

In my life
I got a gentle sweet illusion
always alone!
But this comfortable sweetness
is hard to hold,
in my life
I got people who support me
and bring things together
when I doubt.

In my life
I got a peaceful disillusion
no-one can cure
except from myself
but this often starts
by asking for help.
In my life
I had to understand
I got friends
but I have to be
open to them.

In my life
I got a lovely great adventure
the children show me
how open you
can be emotionally
being loved
they kiss and bite
they hit and hide
in my arms.

In my life
I got a selfish sad confusion
too much control
keeping it all by myself.
In my life
people come to meet me
and I feel embarassed
always so close
and mostly far away
from my life.




Every tomorrow has it´s dawning
in the middle of the night.
Every sorrow is a warning
come back please to the pace of light.
Every step you make to future
is a step you make today.

In the early hours of the morning
I followed you to the riverside
and you said jump without a warning
most beautiful man I ever saw in my life.

In your eyes
the wilderness of spirit shines
so bright
sparkle of destruction
burn, burn the old
bring the new
enforce the light.

You say you bring the revolution
in a fire you´ll sit unharmed
this fire burns above the ocean
to teach us
love, love, love




Spider spins a thread of lust
weaves the net of a peaceful world
Spider connects the destinies
of the people
says the shaman´s card
I have to admit
I drew one after you left
I didn´t know before
that it´s a peaceful world
I deserve so much
Yet it´s true
that´s what it means
to say
I love you.

Soon I´ll drown in my shadows again
but yet someone came along
who lit a candle in my heart
not that everything stopped
nor a wall broke down
it simply feld like home
for the first time I felt safe
and every little thing was important.
You gave me the power
I finally take over.

I measure my prisons and tear it down
put sparkle in my eyes
and set my world on fire
spririt softly clears my mind
breaks upon me like hurricane
renews my flesh and humours
be human, awake and compassionate
face the world and face myself
grow up
I smile
but still I fail
to love myself.

A whale my companion whispers
sweet songs in my ears
and I know who you are
before you tell me
though when it comes to love
I often act too harsh and proud
talk too much and much too loud
try to impress where I don´t have to
and fail to trust where I should
believe it
I swear
but darling still I don´t know
how to say
I love you.




I sat on the beach
behind me the desert where to hide
above me the sky where to fly
in front of me the water
where to swim and drown.

I walked along the borderline
to find what´s new
and what is mine
looking for a home
a place not to be alone.

I yelled to the desert
and heard nothing but my voice
I screamed to the sky
and he echoed silence
I sang to the ocean
and he gave me the wind.

Nothing on the borderline
nowhere to turn and claim it´s mine
out there was no home
endless refrain
alone, alone, alone

I ran to the desert a million miles of sand
I jumped to the skies and back I fell
I dived into the water and nearly drowned

seemed no way off the borderline
unable to act I remained
retired in a comfortable refrain
alone, alone, alone

the desert behind me was my life
the sky above was empty like my heart
the ocean was the wild world I never should sail

in prison on a borderline
busy telling I couldn´t fail
at least I was free out there
alone, alone, alone

the desert asked
do you want me?
so did the sky
the ocean sent an offer
Baby, you have to decide
then you´ll cross the borderline
shut up and listen to hear what´s mine
the heart is an ocean, a desert and a sky
crowded with beings you locve
once you let loneliness die
Baby, you have to decide.



The Warden

Once I had a dream
that was more real than real
I woke up in a world
where people were free
it was a definite attack
of stage-fright
that held me back
on my pillow asleep
as I didn´t want
to face the challenge.

All I know...

is the warden
who controls our lifes
keeps us original sinners
born under the flag of guilt
kicked out of paradise
he is a greedy selfish creature
who feeds on tensions and pains
envies and depression
our endless refrain.

All I know...

warden he plays penalty
threatens us with death
submit to the rules
be afraid of freedom and sex
don´t move out of the shelter
outside the wall there is danger
the evil uncontrolable
power of life.

All I know...

warden you would dry out
like an autumnleaf
once we withdrew you
our energies
becoming sovereigns
of our destinies





rain, rain
come my way
back to the stars
and down again

rain, rain
rain on me
catch me dancing
with my son
rain, rain
shelter him
for his life
has just begun

rain, rain
come my way
back to the earth
and fall again

rain, rain
rain on me
for love is an ocean
where all rivers end
river of sadness
river of madness
river of no return

rain, rain



I need a friend

Sometimes I´m just an asshole
with a sackful of regrets
and no excuse to carry
I let stupid fools control my action
and react by destroying my health
I wander in the mist
my hand clenched to a fist
and I want to destroy
collecting troubles, problems and heartaches
heavily on paranoia shakin´
see Nazis everywhere
naked freezin´
smart little devil cowardice is teasing
sicknesses realm keeps my family entangled
and the children suffer most.
Will you please come to the crossroad
of the struggles of our lifes?
Will you please cross the border?
Don´t you know I need a friend?

Will you then sit at my table
will you share my food with me
peace shines through a candle
a secret fire that we keep
when the world becomes mad and colder
selfishness recklessly takes over
expression becomes insulting
and communication is rather scarce
war of sexes rules among us
where there´s no place for a woman
there is none for man
when our daily life is just survival
when adult means nothing but alarm
and the tension turns against the ones
we love.
Will you please come to the border
let me be your host and rest?
Will you please accept my borders?
Don´t you know I need a friend?

In the cold and evil morning
after a night we found no sleep
death strikes without a warning
I have to talk to you again
will we we find our language
in the ashes of our dreams
and remember we once were wild things
who set sails to be free
acknowledge that this time we are at war
out truth is challenged to overcome
the power of destruction on this planet
love spreads without a warning
don`t you know I need a friend?

Will you please come to the crossroad
in the jungle of our lifes?
Will you please cross the border?
Don´t you know I need a friend?

Will you feed my inner fire?
Will you let me be myself?
Will you respect me as a woman?
Will you please respect yourself?

Will you meet me at the border
between life and death once more,
will you incline to sky, sand and water?
Don´t you know I need a friend?

Let us light a fire together
by the ocean and sit in peace
when the waves break upon us
and the flood starts leaking in.
Let it begin...









The Warden