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In 1993 K.P. (Kastrierte Philosophen) were playing a tour along with several other groups from Hamburg in former East-Germany. This tour was accompanied by two filmstudents Jochen Kraus and Florian Schneider who were making a documentary film about this tour. Along the way the idea was born to make a movie together with K.P.
A few month later K.P. visited an exhibition in Paris of Brion Gysin's pictures. At the inauguration even the Panpipes of Jajouka were playing alive.

This experience had a great influence on K.P..

Not only that the lyrics of their next album ( "Souldier" ) consisted entirely of excerpts from `The Process´ a novel written by Brion Gysin (1987, The Overlook Press), but also the idea came into play to transfer the action of the planned movie to Tanger/Morocco, where Brion Gysin had spent a long time of his life and where `The Process´ was written.

During the filming of Tanger NonStop in 1995 Katrin Achinger wrote "Das Leben wie es sein sollte/Neu überall"
The text was published in the books "Poetry Slam/Texte der Popfraktion" (1996, Rowohlt Verlag)
and "tanger telegramm" (2004, Bilgerverlag Zürich).

The movie "Tanger NonStop" was finished in 1996, and ended up as documentary about Tanger featuring K.P. by Florian Schneider and Jochen Kraus also feat. Mohammed Mrabet, Mohamed Choukri, Hamri, Rüdiger Klose.

In the following years 1997 and 1998 Katrin Achinger and Matthias Arfmann made a performance together with Marcel Beyer (who himself had written about Brion Gysin ( Umherschweifen, Beute machen, Erzählungen aus Tanger Edition Pixis 1997 ), where Marcel Beyer and Katrin Achinger were alternatively reading text excerpts by Brion Gysin in german and english while Matthias Arfmann dubbed.
Unfortunately we can't offer you any copies of the movie, as the commercial distribution hasn´t been arranged yet, but you can order a recording of one of these performances at


Tanger Skyline