Mother Earth:
"I'm the one who brought you life,
but I will never take it back."

"Mother Earth,
let me go from this aching body
and be limitless out there in the skies
and sing, sing like a bird
that on his wings has found his home
fly, fly on
until my wings dissolve
my body is being destroyed
for his weakness
could not resist your welcome
when I fall."

Mother Earth:
"I'm the one who brought you life,
but I will never take it back."

"Then let them come the animals
to celebrate a banquet in my corpse.
Insects dance around my liver.
Wolves shall drink my blood.
A majestic lion approaches
for the delicious content
of my brain.
My guts robbed by coyotes.
A vulture piercing tatooes
to my skin,
Worms choose their playground
in my eyes.

Mother Earth:
"I'm the one who brought you life,
but I will never take it back."

"Still there's warmth in my hand
where I hold a piece of wax
bleeding pearls of tired saints
to deliver my broken prison
to the burning sand.
The ants do clean my bones
from flesh
which carries no breath
nor feathers
as soon as the pearls melt
I'll move on over to your body."

Mother Earth:
"I'm the one who brought you life,
but I will never take it back."

"If I was a bird
the sun would be my mother
my father was the skies and
childhood never passed
as long as I could fly."

Mother Earth:
why did you fly into the sun?
why did you fly into the sun?
why did you fly into the sun?"



Cold Waters

"Cold Waters
since you took your love away
It's so hard to believe sometimes
if everything else passes
not even love
is meant to stay.

Cold Waters
I drown in
I dreamt
of dogs clenched to my throat
they tried to kill me.
My hometown under water
among the ruins I found
my mother selling my sister
and her silver for gold.

Cold Waters
I swallowed
by an open window at night.
An old drunkard outside
stumbled from wall to wall
played a song on his harp
the rats to call
to follow him down
to cold waters
where they partied all night.

Cold Waters
have a shower of memory
that blood in the goldmines
made the country rich.
The country is poor now,
but the blood still shines
beneath the city lights
down by cold waters
where drugdealers now bargain
their brown and white gold
and beggars sell tickets
for the lottery.

So if brutality is permanent
and all our ways
are still inspired by fears
tell me why, tell me how
is it possible
that love
could slip away so easily?

Cold Waters
are rising
from the back of the mountains
that shelter the city
are rising from the rear
are rising in the sink
Any time I escape to a hotel room
to lick my wounds
a tube breaks
and they have to call a plumber
to fix cold waters from running
and kick me out on the street again."




"Somewhere out there is dancing.
The incense of rotten flowers and piss
gives the message
to my brain

Somewhere out there is another life
and I leave
following the waves
of my hallucinations.

I was born a monkey
and all my life I will defend my right
to be a monkey !

I will run to the desert
and I'll live in a cave
I'll be a hunter
and kill animals with my teeth
I will light Voodoo fires
and dance around them
all night long.

Monkeys spit on the floor in society.
Monkeys sometimes piss in the shower.
Monkeys don't shave nor perfume
Monkeys don't ask for no-one's
when they climb trees.

I will run to the desert
and I'll live in a cave
I'll be a hunter
and kill animals with my teeth
I will light Voodoo fires
and dance around them
all night long.

Somewhere I hear the drums of
and they beat me still
as I fall asleep
in my tender dreams again.

I will exorcize language
I will compose stone-symphonies
to let you all know
the rumours of silence...

I will run to the desert
and I'll live in a cave
I'll be a hunter
and kill animals with my teeth
I will light Voodoo fires
and dance around them
all night long.

I won't walk. I will stamp
I won't talk. I will scream

I beat my drum!
I beat my drum!
I'm on strike!

I'm a savage
that returned to his tribe."



Land Beyond Time

do you still dream of the green land?
Where poetry is the official language
Wisdom the only accepted authority
Wisdom of child
of virgin in her first night of love
of young boy passing his initiations as
a man
of mother giving birth to her first child
of the insane

do you still dream of the green land ?
Where time does not exist
except for circular motions of seasons
fertility and death
of silence, of chatter
of absence, of presence
Solitude is a spiritual training more
than a desease
Making love is divine pleasure
and freedom is legal
Female is a term of respect
Male is a term of power rather than

do you still dream of the green land?
Where there are no nations, no
just a peaceful society
who keeps the contact to earth
the ancient centres of energy
which are hiding now
to recover from brutality, stupidity
and arrogance
and left the earth behind
in a dark age of so-called reality
where power is with those
whose fear is there only motivation
where time cuts your life from both
circles are transformed into lines

Once there was a green land
where cities had no walls of defense
and the simple memory of it's
releases us from cristian faith
of pain and penance
of death

just imagine that there's no evil
as there are no words for it
no hell, no paradise, no expectation
no cruel, merciful god
to whom your knowledge is danger,
your laughter is anarchy
conception is production process
never ever a prayer

do you sometimes dream of the green
Or have the shades taken over your
so could at least your heart feel an
extraviated beat?

There's no progress only change
nothing is new on this planet
except for the atomic bomb
It might be the last age we are in
Our mother she's tired of us
she'll die and rest
to be reborn in another galaxy
forgotten will we be
we precious little worms
called human beings

Should only once flicker recognition
we don't know nothing
but much more than we understand

do you still dream of the green land"




Icaré's Father:
"I saw you
on Destruction Avenue
in your heart you threw
bombs and banks and parliaments.

You walked on by
on Mindblower's Boulevard
where your speech went mumble
where you move went stumble
by the drugs you take.

I looked after you
in many bodies
found no trace
but sperm and loneliness

You create your style
on black leather and shaded eyes
for your music
as an outcry of dead idols.

do you want to kill me
or are you just
killing time?

do you want to kill me
or are you just
killing time?

War became a word for change.
I want you to understand
that this father
whom you are fighting
is at war with himself.

You wanted to return
from future
but all you really killed
was hope.

The only change
was your illusion
to be present
by stretching time.

Use your imagination
when you break my rules.
Don't break yourself !

if you want to kill me
just take your time

There you will find the green land
where we both come from
The difference is just
that you remember."




"Yearning for some kind of calm
Icaré is
forming castles in his mind
built on sand
constructed for eternity
as future sorrows.

He wants to be safe and daydream
awaiting some kind of action
that could take him away
from his selfish reflections
why the things he wants to have done
cannot be
before the days of freedom come.

His security shell remains unbroken
as long as he does not open the door
from where the sound of the street
would carress his ears
with life.

But fiction causes him unbroken pleasure
the blanket of silence lies tied
to his knees.
Oh, how much effort it takes to breathe
once you start thinking about it.
Oh, how much comfort lies in his prick asleep
abandoned by future copulations..

to fill her
feel so deep

shivering in his guts
down in his ass
in his balls
it dances

warm liquid
and sticky
a sudden ejaculation
warms his belly
cools and dries
lost and lonely

why, oh, why must I speak
before.... ?
why, oh, why must I act
to... ?
No, oh, no I'll never leave this bed again

please come on
my hot womb



Sister talks

Icaré's lover:

"I wish I could
lay you down
like a child
in a quiet place
sing you into sleep
as I know
how tired you are.

I loved you
on your lonesome way
to your bed at dawn
carressed your skin
the way it deserved it
the morning after
when you awoke
and another hangover
dragged you deeper
to the swamp
as things went slow.

I wish I could
make you cry
like a man
out of relief.
I would listen
tell me
where have you been.

I feared with you
that one more cruelty
would break your heart
when your world
burned down around you
and all the troubles
you had seen
to one more stone
on your prison.

I wish I could
tear down these walls for you
you raised
against the fire
and convince you
they were only
useful in the past

Your power leaves me
who knows by heart
the way to a human world
for everybody.
You could guide them
if you wanted
those who ask
for comprehending.

I wish I could
unite you
with your wings
I saw up there in heaven
and make you rise
I'm so proud
of your Independence

The I'd beg you again
will you be my man?
the father of my son?
would you go out there
with me
into the future
of my dreams
where love is truth
and truth

I wish I could
make you swim in the oven
and watch your body play
in the sparkling sun.

There I could
show you
where I saw the light
it's right there
in your eyes
it flows between
you and me.
Will you let me
turn you on
with laughter?

I wish I could
walk with you
up upon our hill
in the evening sun
and let the silence be
that keeps
our favourite secrets

I love you more
than anybody else
I know and
I kindly ask you
to apologize me
for being
that offending"





"I saw you fly
a bomber plane
bombed out of mind
by heroin.

Your father
your mother
and all the others
who caused you pain.

You have to hide
from me somewhere
and I'll be hiding
with you.

I grow only
in the cold
I hate the light.

Call my name, I'm FEAR
call my name and I'll be there
I'm your most intimate friend.

I heard your voice
out in the forest
the night you challenged
me to fight.

I sighed in the leafs
cracked in the underwood
sat by your fire
when you understood.

Every little animal
sees in you it's enemy
such a weird human being
you offered cease-fire to them

As you went to your tent
you thought you could
escape me
by sleep?

Call my name, I'm FEAR
call my name and I'll be there
to guide you.

I followed you
to your dream
I was the dark man
of your childhood.

In the shades
outside at the window
behind the door
in your bed beside you.

I wore a golden
helmet and sword
I was the snake
that raped you.

I was your
rocking skyscraper
I was the one
to catch your fall.

Call my name, I'm FEAR
call my name and I'll be there
to save you.

The night we fought
you laid
your head upon
your hands asleep.

I opened the zipper
grapped you hard
and tried to pull
you off.

your breath went
as you resisted
but you won.

When you spelled
my name
I joined you

Call my name, I'm FEAR
call my name and I'll be there

Call my name, it's yours.
Call my name, I'm God."



Move on

"You are alone
on a ship
without a river
without a sail -
move on !

You are
nobody's son
nobody's father
nobody's brother -
move on !

You are
nobody's lover
just a one-night stand
nobod'y friend -
move on !

Tell your story
and forget it
It's your past
but not your presence -
move on !

Even though it'`s all
you possess
it's just one
of a million -
move on !

and the millions
become one
in the future
that now begins -
move on !

You talk too loud
whom do you ask
for approval
that the unseen shores
you set out
to discover
exist ?

Go ahead
to find them
only this
will end
your loneliness

move on !"



Welcome to the Earth

"Dadalos brought his son back from the realm of
the white death. His eyes were closed behind the Iris.
No light should irritate his home movie.
Silence. A projector rattles. Moving pictures.
"Welcome to Earth"
Pain slowly burrows into his heart. It will be his
further companion without fail. It's sister fear,
mother hope and brother time form the
merciless guardians of his captivity, which is his
father truth.
On his screen Icaré watches the eagle who is
tied. He persists at his chains as he's not able to
set him free, but he can accompany him
on his voyages on the wings of his eyes.
Together they explore dizzy altitudes that are
too high too cold for Icaré.
Exhausted he falls back into sleep.
Wait, wait he did.
Frozen raindrops of desire in his cage, icicles of
resignation, traffic light eyes were the
only sign of life in the cold. The sun of souls
struggles hard to melt the yellow drug juice.
Til finally he steps out on to the frozen ground
again. Cheerfully licking green cream after all
the dry fish and salty water.


"Icaré, awake
the sun is back.
Icaré, awake
you are free.
It's just that sometimes you forget
you are in your body now.
Ties are illusions and
cities are dreams
and out there.. is a desert. "

Icaré steps on to the frozen ground.
Does the ice-age come or go?
Pictures of our souls
where do you come from?
Are you just memories
or future seeds?

Angels landing all around
they just see him though and though
Are they existant?
Should he call?
Will they answer him?
What shall he ask?

Or do they just want
to deceive his lonely heart
by wicked dreams?

and an angel talks.

Angel: "Icaré"
Icaré: "Who are you?"
Angel: "Icaré"
Icaré: "May i touch your wings?
Angel: "Icaré,
will you decide to walk
cause you're my favourite
image of God"
Icaré: "That's all?
Won't you tell me more?"
Angel: "Icaré,
will you decide to walk
cause you're my favourite
image of God"
Angels: "Icaré,
will you decide to walk
cause you're my favourite
image of God"

and the Angel says

"Let's meet in the city and rot with it.
Let's curse and praise every new
Still we may not die.
Still we haven't arrived at the end
of time.
You and I,
we are falling down through the ages
to a matress,
where our waters shall be released
though frear holds our bodies

Could we dare to trust ?"



Icaré's Son

The angel fucked Icaré.
He made her a child
who was the first human being
with wings on his body
Icaré's son.
Son of the Earth and skies

he came from the borders of heaven
and brought down a message
to his father.

Icaré's son:

"I walked a cracked line
I fell a thousand times
I wasted 1000 smiles
just to reach you.

I had a million sons
I made a million mothers
I lived a million lifes
just to teach you.

I burned a fire
all through the night
just to keep you warm.

I spread my wings
all through the day
just to shelter you from harm

I laid a blanket
on the ground for you
to sleep on.

I'll be the first
to greet you
when the morning breaks

tell me your dreams."



Dawn (Icaré's Dream)


"Landscaped without harm
rocks without troubled seas
flowers blossomed without fear
in a distinct country

where women chanted unbroken
men walked beside them
children were dancing
trinity of love, joy and freedom

there was an open gate I stepped
saw presence, past and future
in a cradle
Mankind had been born in peace
animals had come to celebrate
their liberation
a little rabbit welcomed me
"this is your genuine destination"
he mumbled as he jumped off happily

I went down on my knees
and wondered
how could I have forgotten this
my eyes broke and I visioned the cities
I had been to
they all became one
I wandered their streets and felt
through their walls
the prisons
I had established to my mind
in every brick there was a smile
waving good-bye to roofs, windows
and doors

out there was a night of promise
filled with an erotic morbid incense
end of summer
time before change
who will survive the autumn tempest
who's going to be left behind
in a glass of old wine
the memories
we raise of those
who are rotting in time

fire brings the autumn
fire blows the mind
fire burns the ground
where our troubles lie
down there on a hill
the cross stands
and the crucified
raises his head
and starts to sing

leaves this song behind
as he is going home
one more time"



River of Life


"Cold Waters
I drowned in
I dreamt
of hope in a helping hand.

Cold Waters
I swallowed
as times went by
and I trained to survive.

Cold Waters
have a shower of memory
how many times
I tried to die.

Cold Waters
are rising from my eyes
to wash my fears

Cold Waters
I'll jump in
and I'll dive
into the river of life!"









icaré herself
Sister Talks
River Of Life