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Indie Rock & Saw

Katrin Achinger ( songwriting, vocals, guitar, bass ) was a founding member of the Kastrierte Philosophen which recorded 11 albums between 1980 and 1996.
Soloalbums: Icaré ( 1992 ), Jump (without a warning ) ( 1999 ) and Simple Songs (tbr )

She has been writing songs since the early 80s and performed them in numerous ways with many different musicians. Like Kastrierte Philosophen, who combined punk, psychedelic, indie rock, hiphop and reggae, her music is a startling combination of quite different genres: experimental music, electronic, free jazz, classical music, metal as well as indie rock.
Nevertheless, the bottom line of her music is `simple songs´.
This time arranged with drums, e-bass, double bass and semi-acoustic bass, cello and singing saw.
Sometimes there’s a touch of jazz or chanson about it but by the end of the evening everyone agrees:
It’s R0CK!

Since her solo album ’Icaré’ all of her bands have been called The Flight Crew.
So now get ready for take-off!

Katrin Achinger (vocals, guitar, bass)
Krischa Weber (cello)
Christoph Meier (bass and double bass)
Dieter Gostischa (drums and percussion)

Foto: Sabine Schwabroh, Quetschkommode: Ulrich Kojo Wendt

29.09.18 Hus/Neuenfelde
01.06.19 Unter dem Pflaster/ Widerstandsfest/Neuenfelde
15.06.19 48h Wilhelmsburg/Hamburg
24.08.19 Westwerk/Hamburg
02.10.19 Westwerk/ Verstärker/Hamburg
31.10.19 Hafenbahnhof/Hamburg
06.12.19 Faktor e.V. Künstlerhaus/Hamburg
14.06.20 48h Wilhelmsburg/Hamburg

Achinger sad house
Promise of Love


2014 was quite a busy year with performances at various venues. I performed as guest musician at the "blurred edges" (Festival für aktuelle Musik Hamburg) along with Andy Giorbino and Krischa Weber on May, 14th. Titled "Flying Fish plays Fischinger" our task was to produce an audiolayer as an additional dimension to Oskar Fischingers short films. On June, 13th, Andy and me musically accompanied live another silent movie (by Jack Smith) from 1963/65, titled "Normal Love". This was part of the "Flora@Labora"-week in the Metropolis cinema. And then several gigs followed with Krischa - Wilhelmsburg artville in July, Hannover Oberdeck on August, 16th, and at the end of that year we played at the Hörbar Ausklangfestival für experimentelle Musik on December, 28th. 2015 we started performing at the GEDOK-gallery "Zwischenspiel" on April,26th. Enjoy the photos on this homepage or the you-tube video.
There's more to follow...

New Flight Crew

June, 2013
The actual Flight Crew consists just of my co-pilot Krischa Weber and myself. We are ready to take off with the material of the album "Simple Song" and some more older songs. Krischa Weber accompanies me on her cello. She lives and works in Hamburg with different Ensembles, playing improvised music, music for films and teaches. On our CD-Player we bring along beats by Chazzy Wezar, Medusa, Ali Busse and others. So let us take you on a flight so high, so high... Best wishes and safe landing

Period of Orientation

May, 2011
Without Rüdiger the Flight Crew will not be able to perform 'Simple Song' the way it was meant to be. At the moment I am working on a new concept for my music. Being on an adventurous trip, listening to myself and to music that has been there before - going deeper into Jazz - compounding, putting puzzle-pieces together, composing and looking for landmarks of inspiration, rearranging 'Simple Song' for future performances and writing tunes every day. As soon as there will be any song available you'll find it here on this side, You-Tube or MySpace. Take care!

Rüdiger Klose dies.

September, 27th, 2010
To find the traces of his overwhelming creativity follow these links:

summer 2010

A records company for 'Simple Song' has not yet been found. I have to learn that the infrastructure of music business has completely changed and that the ways my music used to go from inside to the public don't work any longer. So I'm busy learning about new strategies for publishing music.

New Album Finished

The new album 'simple song' is done and now I'm looking into ways of releasing the album to the public. For further information you can visit the new 'simple song' section on this website.

Studio Sessions

After a mindblowing studio session with the Flight Crew, I'm now recording the last couple of tracks of all 14 new songs that will be featured on my new album which is scheduled for 2009. Preview clips of a few of those songs will be available exclusively on this site by the end of October.

Live Gig Canceled

The concert we had announced for January 28th unfortunately had to be canceled after one of the band members was forced to leave the country for a couple of weeks. The band will probably play at 'Astrastuben' at another date now. We'll keep you posted.

New Concert Announced

Playing a concert with the Flight Crew in Hamburg, germany. January 28th 2008 at the 'Astrastube' Max-Brauer-allee 200

My first steps in the www

Launch of my official website. A massive information resource for all things related to my artistic voyages.

Katrin Achinger

Born in 1962 in a small town in Germany, started her musical career in 1978 as a bassplayer in a female punkband.
Two years later she founded the Kastrierte Philosophen along with Matthias Arfmann.
The Singer/Songwriterduo released about 13 albums and several 7"s in almost twenty years together with different musicians.
They also played a part in the documentary movie "Tanger Nonstop" and recorded several radio plays.
Since 1994 she also worked on a solo level as a composer and writer.
The story of Icaré was told on the album and in the book of the same name, both released by Strange Ways Records.
In 2001 Jump (without a warning) followed. Her second soloalbum on which she worked with several well known musicians such as Charles Curtis ( Cello ) and Jan Eißfeldt.
A second book 'Seide und die Diktatur des Glückes' is available on demand.
Her current project is being on tour with the program of her forthcoming album, which will be recorded live without any digital intervention.